Easyyem - Hepacur 100ml



Hepacur liver metabolism

Composition: Extracts of milk thistle, dandelion, artichoke, celandine.

Analytical constituents: moisture 95%

The liver is the central metabolic organ at various functions, including detoxification, digestion, energry balance, endocrine, circulatory and blood clotting. Liver enzymes that biochemical processes and save regulate fat-soluble vitamins. Liver cells produce galsappen for fat digestion. Unnecessary medications or an unbalanced diet can promote the development of fatty liver. Hepacur supports and stimulates the regeneration of liver cells and thereby helps prevent toxic liver damage. levercelmembranen It protects and normalizes liver function.

Recommended use: 2 ml per 1ltr water and 2-3 drops per 50 ml of water.

Shake well before administering.

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