Easyyem - Amino Protein Concentrate 650gr

Amino Protein Concentrate

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Amino protein concentration - Nutritional supplement for ornamental birds

Analysis: Protein min 84% Fat max 3% max Ash 4.2%, Moisture 7.5% max.


Composition: caseïnat, soy protein isolate, whey protein isolate.

Each protein molecule composed of small molecules called amino acids. Amino is a great source of all the essential amino acids that are essential for proper metabolism. In the intestine of the bird, the proteins are broken down and absorbed as amino acids.   Certain amino acids can not be created d by birds themselves hy this exstra should be given as a supplement. If certain amino acids lacking these birds illnesses and get a dull dress. Birds require a larger amount of protein during the moulting and breeding period or periods of growth of young birds. With its high content of essential amino acids optimal care and high biological value.

Application: As required Mix with egg food..

Do not add water.

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