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Sjoerd Zwart - Anti-Bacterial 50ml

Anti-Bacterial 50ml


We have developed a new drug, which helps prevent Salmonella, E packages, streptococci, trichomaden and various fungi.

After several years, there is little heard to have our birds regain suffer from various kinds of negative bacteria.

Under public pressure may have fewer types of antibiotic use and thus these bacteria are less contested.

There are therefore again more and find their way back to our birds.
Fungi in the coming years will increasingly affect our bird file.
They are often almost invisible, beat rapidly and are very difficult to fight.
In the mold, therefore, is the best way to ensure that they can strike it.
If you have them once in your bird population there is almost no method more to fight them.

To this we are going to develop a product based on natural ingredients.
A remedy that works effectively, causing no resistance and easy to use.
After many trials has led to a unique blend of concentrated natural extra-defined aromas, including Oregano, Butyric Acid, Cinnamon Oil and Diallyl disulphide (sulfur compounds).
Anti-bacteria contains the following feed: Yucca schidigera, Lauric Acid, Propylene Glycol Mono, Mono and allicin. These ingredients are well known for their strong inhibitory effect on bacteria and fungi.
For an optimal intestinal health, increasing the resistance and the suppression of bacteria and fungi We therefore recommend that: anti-bacteria!

Anti-bacteria is packaged in bottles of 50ML with doseerdruppelaar, so the dosage
very easily and without loss of product is to be dispensed.
You use 1ML anti-bacteria in one liter of drinking water, so very economical.

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