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Sjoerd Zwart - Anti-lice gel

Ant-lise gel 500ml

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Anti-lice gel

Anti-lice agent

For the bird breeding the mite / aphid is the biggest danger.
These lice kind of sucks at night the blood of all the birds and even crawl into trouble with the young birds. Then they withdraw into crevices and seams again. This allows the birds are weakened, become ill and die.
In most of the cases are commonly available substances used. Increasingly the lice build a resistance against these agents. Anti-Luis Correction. This product is resistance impossible, because Anti-Luis kills lice physically.
This product consists of liquid thickened Silca affecting all kinds of lice on contact. In a very short time to dry the lice come into contact with Anti-Luis, and die.
When a lice infestation in your culture can stay also the health of yourself at risk, because many people are allergic to lice. This may cause itching, skin irritation and bumps. Here this development brings a great relief with it.


Anti-Lice has a smooth structure and can be applied with a brush.
The places that treats should be:
-Naden And cracks of the cage
-Bekende Walkways of the lice

After the application of the anti-lice have to be dry for 24 hours. The layer is barely visible and could be washed in hot water.

Anti-Luis is no insecticide or biocides (poison). The product is non-toxic and, for example, can also be used in poultry houses. Dust formation does not occur. It is also possible to spray the product by more than 6 bar pressure. It should not be diluted with water, this reduces the effect.

Anti-Luis retains its force 12 months and must then be removed with hot water and reapplied.

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