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Sjoerd Zwart - Anti-Lice Liquid

Anti-lice liquid 50ml

Anti-lice liquid

In addition to our trusted anti-lice to spread, we now also have anti-lice liquid in drop form

Anti-lice cash is even easier to use! You give first monthly drop in the neck or under the wing.
It is also possible to blend anti-lice liquid through the drinking water. Begin with 14 days after another anti-lice 1ml liquid to 1 liter of water. Do three days after monthly 1ml anti-lice cash in one liter of water.

Anti-lock liquid is a product 100% natural base. So without antibiotics that has an effect on the fertilization and the body of the bird. If the louse sucks blood from a bird that anti-lice liquid in the blood will dry out the louse, and die. You can observe that the lice sit together in a corner. They are darker in color and there will be dust to lie on. This means that the lice are dead.

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