Sjoerd Zwart - Anti-picking flakes 1kg

Anti-picking flakes 1kg

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After we finally found a solution Years of research for plucking feathers in birds. Our results show that 90% of the birds stop plucking feathers as they get fed three months of daily anti-picking flakes. Explanation: Often feather plucking for stress. For example, by moving birds, partner dies etc. Due to this stress birds have an increased consumption of beta keratin. This particular protein only occurs in birds and reptiles. This beta-keratin is barely in the diet. All beta-keratin that they used to get in through the diet to build up feathers and skin. Because the springs brimming with beta-keratin are they eat them. This we call picking, rather feathers food. Birds thus supplement their shortage of beta-keratin. The springs will then grow again, and eaten again. This keeps the birds in a spiral of beta-keratin deficiency, feathers food etc. We went looking for pure beta-keratin, it is available. We have, however, they require adjuvants in order to be able to process the beta-keratin, the birds fed this, in their body. In the anti-picking flakes is that beta-keratin and the excipients in order to process it in the bird's body. Birds that had no trouble picking and getting fed these flakes show a nicer feathering. Anti-picking flakes to mix with the egg food. If you do not provide daily egg food to mix the flakes with grated carrot and / or apple.

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