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Sjoerd Zwart - Anti-Worm


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In birds, worms are a big problem. Birds get through the diet or the scrape on the ground worm eggs inside. Once these eggs sit in the bird they come out in a short time. This mini worms grow quite rapidly through the food that gets inside the bird. The majority of worms in the digestive tract. The worms use more and more of the power supply of the bird. The bird loses weight quickly what is ultimately his death. Worms can also affect organs which makes for a faster death of the bird.

This is very easy to handle by a bird worming 2-4 times a year. The best is four times a year. This has to do with the life cycle of the worms. Enter after each treatment after 14 days post-treatment for best results.

Directions: 1ml Anti-wotm dissolved in one liter of drinking water and this 7 days give drinking. Preferably change daily.


1 drop Anti-Worm (neat from the bottle) into the mouth.

After 14 days, repeat for best results!

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