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Calciferol Liquid Avian

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New in the Netherlands, Avian Calciferol.

The unique patented calcium preparation for our birds.

What is Avian Calciferol so unique?

  • High bioavailability of calcium by providing as gluconate.
  • An excellent stability of the vitamin D3 (pH neutral)
  • Improves bone strength, bone deformation is against, not thin eggshells.
  • Improves the quality of the eggshell.
  • Patented formula for stabilizing vitamin D3 content.

Avian Calciferol is pH neutral and has unique patented stable properties of vitamin D3. The mixture of calcium salts, and calcium gluconate has a high biological availability. Vitamin D3 is an essential component for bone formation, or for a good quality of the egg shells. The microelement magnesium is essential for the bone and the shell matrix.

Vitamin D3 is essential in combination with a good source of calcium. The body has vitamin D3 necessary for the absorption of calcium. Without enough vitamin D3, the body can not create enough of the hormone calcitriol. This in turn leads to insufficient absorption of calcium from food. In case of insufficient calcium in the diet, the body will pull calcium from the bones, making existing botskelet weakened and the formation of strong, new bone cells against.
Avian calciferol is a concentrated blend of calcium, vitamin D3 and magnesium and is well absorbed through the intestines of the bird. This high-quality nutritional supplement supports the birds to obtain favorable and optimal conditions. Achieve a balance Avian Calciferol increases egg production and improves the quality of the eggshell. It enhances the growth of young birds and gives a strong botgestel. It prevents bone problems. It involves a decrease of the calcium and the magnesium level in the blood against.

Quality and health of the botgestel.

One of the major functions of vitamin D3 is the maintenance of a balance of calcium in the skeleton through the promotion of the absorption of calcium in the intestines, promoting the bone resorption by increasing the number of osteoclasts (the cells that break down bone), the maintaining the balance of calcium and phosphate levels for proper bone formation and support a good parathyroid hormone levels to maintain serum calcium levels. A vitamin D3 deficiency can lead to lower bone density and an increased risk of bone deformation and osteoporosis (osteoporosis).

Immune system.

Active vitamin D 3 has demonstrated that it promotes the activity of the removal of pathogenic cells and improves the binding of calcium. Active vitamin D3 hormones increase the production of a cathelicidin antimicrobial peptides (AMP), which it can create a profile in order to combat. Inconveniences activated by bacteria, viruses and molds itself 'Can', because if there is no vitamin D is available, it can not be aangemaakt.Antimicrobial peptides belong to a relatively new research field that yields many results in a short time. These peptides form a part of the immune system of the body. Just the last four years the number of peptides found more than doubled. The now landscaped database currently contains 1228 finds that 65 peptides have an anti-cancer effect, 76 antiviral work, combating fungi 327 and 944 have an anti-bacterial effect. Vitamin D plays, given the large number of diseases where the effect has a key role in the immune system.

The eggshell.

The eggshell is a highly specialized mineralized structure, providing protection against physical damage and penetration by microorganisms. The shell consists of an inner and an outer shell, the true skin and the cuticle (waxy layer one on top of the outer layer of the egg). The crystalline layer of the shell, is responsible for the mechanical strength, which consists for more than 90% of calcium in the form of calcium carbonate. Calcium is absorbed from food in the gut. The precondition is that there is adequate calcium (+3.8 to +4.2%) is present in the diet for calcium absorption, excretion and deposition regulated by vitamin D3 and its metabolites (Metabolites are the intermediates and end products resulting from vitamin D3 in the biological system).

Results and benefits.

Avian Calciferol ensures sufficient calcium for the structure of the eggshell and sufficient vitamin D3 in order to absorb the calcium. It reduces the cracking of the egg shells have already after a Avian calciferol intake of 4 days. Avian Calciferol is an easy and safe to use calcium supplementation with an amazing result. Due to the concentrated cost-reducing use, with fast results.


Avian calciferol is a supplementary feed supplement for poultry and ornamental birds.

Avian Calciferol per 1000ml contains:
Total calcium 34,000 mg / l,
Vitamin D3 2,000,000 IU / l,
Magnesium: 2.500 mg / l


Dosage for poultry and ornamental birds:
In poor and thin eggshell quality:
1 ml to 2 ml. p / liter of drinking water for 4 days.

In bone deformation and spread legs:
2ml. p / liter of drinking water for 4 days.

Preventive maintenance or use:
2ml. p / liter water 1 x week.

Usage Instruction:
Not to be used in combination with other calcium products.
Keep from freezing and direct sunlight.

Available: 250ml, 500ml and 1000ml.

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