Chia (Salvia Hispanica) 1 kilo

Chia, Salvia Hispanica

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Chia seeds. An important addition to the diet of seed-eating birds.

By: BAM Wingerden PhD

Chia seeds are among the seeds of the Salvia family. come these seeds
Originally from Central America, where the Aztecs already used these seeds as
important source of food and as well as methods include amaranth.
Chiaplant seeds contain the highest amount of omega-3 fatty acids of all
plant sources and are thus even better composition than the much more
known flaxseed. In addition to these high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, the seeds contain
all essential amino acids and are therefore very suitable as a protein source and fully.
The large quantity of anti-oxidants in the seeds shall ensure that the seeds very
good shelf life (long) while maintaining the nutriële value. The amount of fibers is
higher than many other seeds, and further they contain several valuable
minerals and trace elements.
Naturally the chia seeds contain anti-nutrients nutriële (unlike
to linseed), and because the plants are not interesting for insects, is the use of
insecticides not necessary when growing under most conditions.
The significance of essential fatty acids, particularly Omega-3 fatty acids will most
birdwatchers are well known. Means essential that these fatty acids with the
daily diet should be included. is the effect on the organism
Versatile include:
- Stimulate immune system (resistance to infections)
- Oxygen-transport and -saturatie blood and tissues
- Fertility / reproductive
- Lung function and breathing
- endocrine
- Intestinal function and digestion
- Stabilize cell membranes (optimize cellular functions)
The ratio of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids is another part of the
power supply which is of great importance for humans and animals. Since there are very few
food sources where a high dose of omega-3 fats are present, there will be in the
body quickly excess omega-6 fats occur in relation to omega-3 fats.
Think of the negative effects of many sunflower seeds in the ration. In most
seeds, the balance of omega-3: omega-6 in the order of 1:> 15. for optimum
function of the different physiological systems in the body is a ratio
of 1: 3 is necessary. The requirement will also change with the seasons, what
in the wild is no problem. That which grows and flourishes is at the disposal
of these birds, and is also the supplier of the necessary at that time
nutrients. For the man is actually the same applies. We call that the
seasonal products. In seasonal products is exactly what the organism
that time needs.
Chia seeds by adding to the menu we can make the composition for the benefit of
enhance the omega-3 fats, since the ratio, as in flaxseed, more than in the
benefit of the omega-3 fats. This is for birds with restricted mobility
is (breeding cages) even more important. Fatty, egg-binding, and intestinal problems
respiratory disorders may be the result. A nightmare of every
bird lover!
Another very important aspect of chia seeds is the hydro-phil ic property. This
is the strong tendency to water binding of the seeds, which are up to 12 times their weight of
are able to bind moisture. This is visible when the seeds are placed in water. there
results in a jelly-like substance in a short time. By the Indians and Aztecs was this
used in this way in order to consume as a drink together with fresh juice. Chia Fresca.
In the gastrointestinal tract, and this feature will ensure a uniform recording
nutrients, particularly carbohydrates and fiber for good digestion. at
intestinal disorders in birds is the provision of a tablespoon Chia seed separately from the
other food a good solution. Many birds make the chia seeds like unto himself. With
especially the wild songbirds, but also several parkiet- and parrot-like and
tropical birds. In normal food, the chia seeds would be up to 4% of the feed
may form during the breeding season, depending on the quantity of linseed. In
the winter season, these seeds 2-3% of the diet should form, to a
get healthy balance between the essential fatty acids.
The chia seeds also lend themselves very well as a germ seed, wherein the seed of time-dependent
the temperature is 48 -72 hours. In contrast to other seeds there will be much less
danger to the mold because of the high concentration of antioxidants
these seeds.
Addition of chia seed, separately or mixed, is a very important addition to the
health of the birds. Therapeutic (in case of intestinal problems, infections and
breathing problems), the seeds can be given separately, wherein the birds,
instinctively seeds'd take it to them with very good results.

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