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Pollen Ground

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Pollen Pollen is not only vital to the bees, it contains a unique mixture as a dietary supplement for our birds substances essential for good health. The nutrients in the pollen are easily digestible and easily absorbed by the body, making it a highly nutritious natural supplement. Pollen is a major supplier of antioxidants that scavenge free radicals caused by environmental pollutants and thus the main stressors for our immune system. Pollen stimulates organs and glands, increased vitality and prolonging alive.
Promoted pollen fertility, reduced the blood glucose levels and strengthens the hemoglobin. Research has shown that pollen boosts the immune system, increases the resistance and also anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities plus a beneficial effect on microbes, bacteria and yeasts in the gastrointestinal tract, so the intestinal flora and digestive problems.
Pollen is actually considered as the perfect food of mother nature. There is no natural ready-to-use product that so many essential nutrients like sitting right in pollen.

It contains 16 different vitamins, minerals, all, many enzymes, lipids, oligopeptides, such as:
protein: 30% of which one third as free amino acids.
Carbohydrates: 30%;
Fat: 20%, half of which polyunsaturated fatty acids.
Minerals: calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, silicon, zinc, molybdenum, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, and iodine.

Vitamins in pollen:
vitamin A (retinol), vitamin B1 (thiamine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (nicotinamide), vitamin B6 (pyridoxide), vitamin B8 (biotin), vitamin B9 (folic acid), vitamin B12 (kobalamine), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin D (ergosterol), vitamin E (tocopherol), vitamin K (phytomenadione), rutin.

Ground pollen is part of our nectar, you can also find it in our Avian FMA (fruit mix-additive).
It is commercially available in powder or granules.
Perfectly natural food. High bactericidal and bacteriostatic activity, as well as anti-viral activities.
Improves the immune defense system. Gives more energy, the body functions better.
Increases cell renewal. Contains RNA, this allows for the synthesis of proteins.

Pollen is purely natural and contains no preservatives, artificial flavors or colorings.

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