ECS - Gold Pate Red eggfood with honey and dye

Gold Pate Red eggfood with honey and dye

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ECS Gold Pate Red honey is ideal for those birds that don't or badly eat eggfood

is ideal for the breeding of red canaries and other birds with red plumage. Gold Pate Red honey contains animal and vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other natural resources needed to promote the breeding and moulting. This eggfood has a slightly coarser structure for better absorption is achieved with less loss. The extra added lysine and methionine guarantee an optimal growth and vederopbouw.Gold Pate Red honey maintains the red color of canaries and finches. To obtain a deep red color, it is advisable to add to the egg food and / or drinking red canthaxanthin or carophyll during the breeding and moulting.

Eggfood fat red with honey content:
crude protein 13.5% crude fat 11%
raw ash 3% crude fiber 3%

added per kilo:

Vitamin A Vitamin D3 15.000IE 1500IE
Vitamin E 30mg
Calcium 0.7% Phosphorus 0.3% Sodium 0% Copper 4,0mg

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