Orlux - Gold Patee Tropische vogels 5kg

Ready-to-use eggfood for tropical birds

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Ready-to-use eggfood for tropical birds

Egg food is indispensable during breeding, but also for the rest of the year it is a source of extra nutrients.

     Moistened with 100% natural honey.
     Enriched with fly maggots and gammarus, as an additional source of animal protein.
     With extra lysine and methionine, for optimal growth and feathering.

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for optimal fitness, immunity and fertility and a shiny plumage.

L-Carnitine supports fat burning, making more energy available, and promotes the growth of the boy.

A unique combination of prebiotics (FOS and MOS) to support the good intestinal flora.


Ready for use. During the breeding period and the moult provide daily at will, outside three times a week. Can be provided purely for several days. Do refresh daily if seed seeds, fruit and / or vegetables are added.

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