Aeroxon - Motten van per 2 verpakt

Non-toxic and odorless moth trap with attractant for combating food moths in the kitchen, storage room and storage cupboards for 6 weeks.

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All dried foods such as nuts, muesli, chocolate products, cookies, tea, dried fruit, flour, spices, grains, seeds and animal feed can be affected by moths. Attracted by the sexual attractant, the male moths stick to the strip. As a result, the slightest deterioration of food is detected and prevented at an early stage.


You open the cover with scissors.
Remove the red cover from the adhesive strip on the back of the trap and place it in the desired location. Press the trap firmly 3x with your fingers.
Then press the trap firmly onto the part without glue with one hand and remove the paper strip from the trap with the other hand. The sexual attractant that is incorporated in the glue is now spreading and attracting the male moths.
Check the fall at least once a week. Replace the trap after 6 weeks and dispose of it with household waste. Use 1 trap per cupboard. Places fall in medium and large spac
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