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ECS - Multivitamins

Multivitamins ECS

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Multivitamin Complex with K1.Ondersteuning for all metabolic processes and general condition.

Reduced side effects in stress, after treatment with antibiotics, sulfonamide and coccidiostat.

The added vit.K1 activates and regulates blood clotting and supports bone metabolism and cell growth. Analysis per kg: VIT.A 1.1250.000 IE. VIT.D3 50,000 IU. VIT.E 12,500 IU. VIT.K1 1000mg. VIT.K3 950mg. Biotin 18.750mcg. Folic acid 100mg. VIT.B1 625mg. VIT.B2 1125mg. VIT.B5 1062,5mg. Vitamin B12 7500mcg. Nicotinamide 10.000mg. D-pantothenic 2500mg. Choline 9500 mg. Use 2 ml = 40 drops per liter. water for 4 days.

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