Payment Methods

Safe purchases

In this shop you can pay in different ways SECURE:

  • Credit Card: Visa / Mastercard
  • iDEAL
  • PayPal Account: [email protected]
  • Prepayment via bankrek.NL44RABO0162322070 name of European Culture Bird Shop BICCODE: RABONL2U

Automated payments are made ​​via the OmniKassa of Raboban k

The benefits of iDEAL

The use of iDEAL has a number of advantages for you to enjoy. So it is a trusted and secure way to pay, and you do nothing to register to use it. You also need to download anything or create an account. In addition, nearly all banks using iDEAL and make lots of shops so you can find them almost anywhere. It is also very user friendly and you always control and overview of your payments.

Benefits of iDEAL:

  • And securely
  • No registration required
  • Easy to use
  • Control and oversight over payments
  • Information will not be disclosed to the merchant

How does iDEAL

iDEAL is a system that links you to your Internet banking program. You pay for your online purchases actually directly with your online banking application. At the checkout, you can then opt for iDEAL and you can choose which bank you are. Then you will actually directly within the familiar online banking program up and fill in the required information after the payment is completed immediately. You hereby receive a confirmation of your bank and often the shop.

The safety of iDEAL

iDEAL is considered extremely safe and reliable, which is obviously very important when it comes to online purchases. People feel they have been online payments much less confidence than if they just give money to the cashier in the store. This is of course logical but iDEAL nobody needs to worry. iDEAL is also so popular that it is always evolving and that's safety course for good.

Safe Internet banking

iDEAL ensures that you are connected directly to the Internet banking. This is iDEAL in fact as safe as online banking itself. The safety of internet banking is very high because banks here are constantly working and for the banks is also very important that it is safe to Internet banking. If you doubt this then you are responsible for ensuring that it is safer to protect your PC